• image uploading

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  • team image implemented, team messaging too

    implemented team images (as seen on the team awesome page ), and also team messaging now seems to work.
  • An Example Blog Post

  • images and stuff

    this is an explanation of one of many ways to host an image on the web. it will use the free-ish service photobucket; if ever there are many people viewing the image (i don't know how many, might be quite large), then photobucket might want to ask you for money, but that takes a while i think. in the future, i'd like to make something that lets you upload images directly onto our server, which would be more reliable but more bandwidth intensive -- if we have a lot of large images that are getting viewed by many people, it might cost more from our hosting. create an account on photobucket using ridiculous fake information about yourself. upload a photo using their site (note: i highly recommend that you use their resizing, or resize your images yourself. they have a thing that quickly resizes images larger than 640x480, as an example. if it is too wide, it will cause your blogpost to be, uh, deformed.) when uploaded, you can click 'share' on the photo, which will brin...
  • youtube test...?