• Life at the court of King Dali; Interview with Amanda Lear, companion for 15 years of the Spanish artist

    The story opens in a Paris night spot called Chez Castel one evening 20 years ago. At one of the tables a set of courtiers was gouped round their monarch. Among them was a woman called 'Louis XIV' on account of her profile. There was a very thin girl called 'San Sebastian' - as were all thin people in that group of whatever sex. There were a couple of identical twins from London called John and Dennis 'beautiful and bronzed from a holiday in Spain'. And in the centre there was a podgy, balding, absurd-looking old gentleman with a waxed moustache, a gold-topped cane and a gold lame waistcoat. This was Salvador Dali, artist, professional genius and full-time exhibitionist. Enter a wierdly dressed trio taking a rest from 'Swinging London'. There was Brian Jones, the Rolling Stone, in scarves, beads, broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses. There was a young man called Tara in frilled shirt and purple velvet suit. And there was Tara's girl friend, Amanda Lea...