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Happy Holidays from

We've just received a letter from Carlos Alberto wishing you happy holidays from Colombia! Carlos is a part of the Emmaus Road Foundation, a Givology partner. The Foundation has been helping Colombian children get an education since 1992.

Bogota, D.C.

Dear sponsors:

This is Carlos Alberto. It is my wish you are enjoying good health with God Almighty’s help. May He continue to bless you for having a good heart and for helping me! I thank the Lutheran Church of Colombia, the Emmaus Road Foundation and Only by Faith Lutheran Church because through the financial support I receive I have been able to pay for my school expenses. From the bottom of my heart I wish for you many blessings for helping children in need. Your support has been of great help. We had a week off from classes.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of blessings. I hope you can spend time with your loved ones.

With love and respect I, Carlos Alberto, say good bye. Have a good time with your families. God bless you. Thanks.

Translated by Stella Lizarazo / Emmaus Road Foundation

To help Carlos Alberto pay for his schooling this coming year click here.

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