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Letter from Carlos!

Dear Sponsors,

I, Carlos Alberto, am wishing that you are well thanks to God’s help and blessings. Above all I thank the Lutheran Church of Colombia and to the Emmaus’ Road Foundation for bringing us this help for my schooling. I’m very grateful to you all and so is my mom for having a good heart and giving us this help so that we can be someone in this life and to be able to bring my mother forward. In my free time I pray for you all, I read, and I watch television. What you’ve given us is of great help and I live day and night very thankful. May God continue to fill you with many blessings and protect you from everything bad. I pray for you a lot and for my mother and my siblings and the Lutheran Church of Colombia and the Emmaus Road Foundation. Thanks for giving me the help I need for my studies. Carlos Alberto

Thanks friends.

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