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Carlos Alberto is 13 years old. His family is made up of five members: his mother, his three sisters and himself. His father was killed when he was 5 years old and since then his mother is responsible for the sustainability of the family. The house where he lives belonged to his grandfather. Although his family does not have to pay rent, utilities are usually very expensive. Janeth, his mother, does not have a full time job. Factors such as age, lack of education and high unemployment rates make it difficult for her to get the job she needs. Since there are not many job opportunities for her, she works two or three days during the week, usually cleaning families’ houses. The family’s income comes from the work Janeth is able to do daily. Usually she gets USD $70 dollars per week, but only when she can work most week days. This amount is not enough to cover expenses such utilities, food, clothing, transportation, health and school.

Carlos Alberto and two of his sisters are currently going to a public school. Carlos Alberto is in 7th grade. His favorite subject is computer class. Carlos Alberto does not have a computer at home so her mother has to pay when he or his sisters have to use a computer or the Internet. During his spare time Carlos Alberto likes playing soccer with his neighborhood friends and he also likes to read. Regardless of the financial difficulties of his family, Carlos Alberto dreams of becoming a medical doctor or becoming a member of the Colombian National Army. His dream is to be able to buy a house where her mother and his sisters can live.


  • Happy Holidays from

    We've just received a letter from Carlos Alberto wishing you happy holidays from Colombia! Carlos is a part of the Emmaus Road Foundation, a Givology partner. The Foundation has been helping Colombian children get an education since 1992. Bogota, D.C. Dear sponsors: This is Carlos Alberto. It is my wish you are enjoying good health with God Almighty’s help. May He continue to bless you for having a good heart and for helping me! I thank the Lutheran Church of Colombia, the Emmaus Road Foundation and Only by Faith Lutheran Church because through the financial support I receive I have been able to pay for my school expenses. From the bottom of my heart I wish for you many blessings for helping children in need. Your support has been of great help. We had a week off from classes. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of blessings. I hope you can spend time with your loved ones. With love and respect I, Carlos Alberto, say good bye. Have a good time with your families. God bless...
  • Letter from Carlos!

    Dear Sponsors, I, Carlos Alberto, am wishing that you are well thanks to God’s help and blessings. Above all I thank the Lutheran Church of Colombia and to the Emmaus’ Road Foundation for bringing us this help for my schooling. I’m very grateful to you all and so is my mom for having a good heart and giving us this help so that we can be someone in this life and to be able to bring my mother forward. In my free time I pray for you all, I read, and I watch television. What you’ve given us is of great help and I live day and night very thankful. May God continue to fill you with many blessings and protect you from everything bad. I pray for you a lot and for my mother and my siblings and the Lutheran Church of Colombia and the Emmaus Road Foundation. Thanks for giving me the help I need for my studies. Carlos Alberto Thanks friends.