Bernardo Yegros's Blog

A note from Bernado

Hi Givology,

First, I am very happy to have received your letter. Thank God I am healthy, and I am very happy to be able to study at a school like mine.

The truth is that I dream that some day, I will be a professional so that I can face life with more ease, because in reality, it is very difficult to live here if you have no profession.

My hobbies are working with the other girls in my neighborhood to improve our community and listening to music.

I want to become a dentist because I like this profession and also because there are many cavities in our community.

The work of the artisans is very varied. Especially in woodworking, for example, there are many different animal figurines of monkeys, crocodile, birds, and faces of lions. I am also learning to carve wood. During the school year, it is difficult for me to work because I do not have as much free time, but when I do have time, I work.

I am thinking of resuming my work during vacation so that I can help my family with household expenses.

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