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Bebsta is 14 years old and lives with her six siblings and her mother. Her father died when she was very young. Bebsta’s mother is severely unwell and has undergone numerous surgeries. Because of her physical condition she is unable to work to support her children. Bebsta and her brothers and sisters are looked after by their grandmother. However, their grandmother is very old and can only do very little work for little pay. Subsequently, Bebsta often goes to school hungry and cannot afford to purchase necessary school supplies such as pencils and paper. Her teachers have commented that she falls behind because she lacks these necessary items. Nonetheless, Bebsta is passionate about her education. She hopes for a scholarship so that she may continue her schooling, receive sufficient supplies, as well as money for school lunch so that one day she can graduate high school and become a banker.


  • Update

    School: Akrofoso D/A Junior High School Current school level: Basic School 9 (Her Final Year in Basic School) Future career: Bebsta wants to be a nurse in the future What Bebsta said: “I was very down about school but now because of the scholarship I always work hard in order to help me retain the scholarship. No, I don’t want to lose the scholarship since there is no one in my family to help me otherwise. I feel sorry for sick people so I want to learn hard to be a professional nurse to help a lot of people who are sick. May you be blessed for your sponsorship towards my education. I often get sick and it's affecting my studies but I’m praying that I will be strong enough to learn while I’m preparing to write my final year exams that will promote me to go to senior high school.” Report: Bebsta’s report is not ready since her school has not yet provided it.
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    Bebsta receives a uniform from her community!
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    Bebsta is in class 5 right now and goes to school everyday. However she said she might drop out of school because of hardships she and her siblings are going through. Recently, the assemblyman for the area supported her and her other siblings with school uniforms to go to school.