Buen Pastor is a convent run by seven sisters in the heartland of Mexico. They are dedicated to saving women and their children from lives of violence. They do this by providing a safe place to live and a comprehensive education to all who pass through their doors.

Buen Pastor runs an "internado" for girls, kind of like a weekly foster-home. Some of the girls stay permanently. Sometimes, the girls come from dire poverty and their parents can't afford to keep them. Other times, families are going through crisis and need a place to hold their children for awhile. Still others come from violence and are placed in the internado by the State. The Madres provide a nourishing environment for the girls. You can feel the love in the home and warmth radiating from the girls when you come to Buen Pastor.


  • Thanks from Buen Pastor

    A message from Madre Lourdes, the Mother Superior at Buen Pastor: LAS NIÑAS ESTÁN DE VACACIONES EN SU CASA MIENTRAS TANTO VAMOS A DARLE UNA PINTADA AL COMEDOR Y A LOS DORMITORIOS PARA QUE LA CASA ESTÉ HERMOSA CUANDO ELLAS REGRESEN A CLASES DE NUEVO, VAMOS A RECIBIR 10 NUEVAS NIÑAS, DIANA LAURA Y FATIMA YA NO VAN REGRESAR, NI BRENDA. POR FAVOR SALUDOS A LAS PERSONAS QUE COMPARTEN SU DINERO CON NOSOTRAS Y DILES QUE NOSOTRAS Y LAS NIÑAS REZAMOS POR ELLOS. RECIBE UN ABRAZO Y MI CARIÑO MA. LOURDES The girls are on summer vacation at their houses. In the meantime, we're going to give the dining room and the bedrooms a fresh coat of paint so that the house looks beautiful when the girls come back for school. We're receiving 10 new girls. Diana Laura, Fatima and Brenda won't be coming back next year. Please send my greetings to the people who are sharing their money with us and tell them that we all pray for them. Receive a hug and my affection Ma. Lourdes

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