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One year after my birthday, my parents had to flee from Somalia because civil war erupted. Leaving most of their belongings behind, my parents settled a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Four years later, my parents decided to go back to Somaliland. Having lost his parents at the age of six, my father never had a chance to go to school. He worked to make his own living and that of his younger brother. Today, he urges us (me and my five siblings) to go to school since we have two loving parents that take care of us.. Similarly, my mother, a loving house-maker, has never gone to school as she grew up in a nomadic area. With an incredible enthusiasm, I went to local primary and intermediate schools in Somaliland. I attended most of these schools for free because I was one of the top three students. In my high school, I went to Abaarso School in Somaliland on scholarship where I learnt English and completed three years of United States based curriculum. March 10, 2014, I received two years of scholarship from Rabun Gap in GA, US. The oldest of six children, I am marching towards reaching my goal of developing the lifestyle of my country and becoming a great role model for my family generation.


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    Attached is an introductory letter written by Abdirhaman, an incredible student from Abaarso School in Somaliland. Please read more to learn about his story and his future aspirations. Before I went to Abaarso School in Somaliland, my plans encompassed leading myself and my family to a better life. The only economical source of six children and their mom, my father worked 10 hours a day to provide us barely three meals a day and the other necessary elements for living. Watching my father struggle to support me and my family was an excruciating experience that sketched one goal for my life: improving my family's financial situation. I attempted to quit school but my decisive father insisted that I should "continue school and not worry about the tuition as long as he is alive" even though I knew that he needed someone to help him work in his shop. I finished my elementary and intermediate school, keeping my eyes on what I believed was my only obligation, which was uplift...


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