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[b]Machining[/b] (in [url=]English[/url] : Machining ) forming material by cutting and cutting [url=]machine tool[/url] is.
The amount of corpuscle that is removed from the original piece to form a polished and final piece, is called the cutter. The machining of parts is based on the type of work of [url=]milling[/url] machines , [url=]milling[/url] , [url=]plate [/url][url=]drill[/url] , [url=]latching[/url] , [url=]grinding[/url] , [url=]sharpening[/url] and [url=]punching[/url] , which are usually [url=]made[/url] of [url=]casting[/url] , [url=]forging[/url] , [url=]rolling[/url] , etc. processes .
[url=]Metal[/url] machining with Propellant Electric Discharge Devices is also a relatively new process that is used extensively. This method is used for machining complex shapes and cutting thin sections of [url=]semiconductors[/url] and alloys of space vehicles.
Cutting, milling, boring, milling, housekeeping, sawing and grinding are the main processes of machining operations.
[b]Screening[/b] : In this process, the cutting tool is held by the hinge and moved over the workpiece. It is generally used to create flat surfaces, and generally large sized pieces are used. In this way, the workpiece surface is not of good quality and is basically harsh, and today it is less used.
[b]Rounding[/b] : Rounding is a process in which cylindrical and conical outer surfaces are created. In the rounding process, the workpiece rotates against a single-edged cutting tool that is fed longitudinally. This is done mostly by machine tools.

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