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This project asks the Givology community to help build a kitchen for the St. Therese Laviale School. This school is located in Haiti and provides education to some of the poorest families in the rural community of LaVallee de Jacmel. As you know, even before the earthquake, families in Haiti struggled to feed their children. It is a harsh reality that many school-age children go all day without food or clean water. The World Food Program assists in feeding the children of rural Haiti by providing meals at their schools. However, the program requires that each school have a safe storage space and a kitchen in which to cook the meals. St. Therese Laviale School does not have these facilities and thus has not been able to participate in this program. After the kitchen project is completed, approximately 250 students will receive a simple meal of rice and beans during the school day. For some, this is the most nutritious meal of their day. All of the materials needed for this project will be procured in Haiti and Haitian workers will be hired to build this kitchen.


Safe food storage: 10 sq. meters
Cooking station/kitchen: 10 sq. meters
Reliable cookware: 3 big pots
Plates, eating utensils, and serving utensils
Quantity: aluminum plates for approx 80 (to rotate between 3 groups)


This project is an extension of the school reconstruction efforts in LaVallee de Jacmel initiated after the January 12th earthquake. La Vallee is located in the mountains of Haiti, southwest of Port au Prince and north of the coastal town of Jacmel. La Vallee was heavily damaged by the earthquake and aftershocks. This project will help those families that are struggling to feed their children after the earthquake and will work in partnership with the World Food Program.


This project is vital to the school children of St. Therese Laviale. This school is located in a very rural and mountainous region of Haiti. Many of the children walk long distances without food or water in order to attend school. The goal of the school is to “Nourish Student Mind and Body.” The World Food Program is active in Haiti and has designated this country to be in critical need for food based on their Food Security Analysis. They are also one of the few programs that will transport food to geographically difficult locations. With the completion of the kitchen, each of the approximately 250 students will receive one free meal of rice and beans during the school day. This will not only help the school, but will also encourage school attendance.

Team Credentials

The LaVallee Alliance works through a leadership team of citizens who have lived and worked in the LaVallee area for many years. Our team will identify the current needs of their village and devise and implement locally viable solutions. The team includes: Theodore Payen, President of the local Cooperative Development Association and trained as an Engineer; Reverend Father Guy Domond, Pastor of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in LaVallee; Antonica Payen, team manager and small business owner; and Mayor Yvrance Joseph, mayor of LaVallee de Jacmel, Haiti.


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    The school at St. Therese Laviale Students at St. Therese Laviale St. Therese Laviale students walking to school Please help Givology fund this critical new project!


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