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My parents died in 2005, when I was still young. I am the third born in our family. There are 7 of us left - 4 boys and 3 girls.

My poor uncle is the one taking care of us but he also has his own 7 children to look after. I would have now been in my first year of secondary school but I could not continue my schooling because my uncle is just a peasant farmer who is feeding 14 children.

So, I am looking for an organization or donor who can support my studies. I am capable of meeting expectations and interested in studying to get a good job.


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  • Typed letter update from Awor

    ALOI VILLAGE, ALAL PARISH, MOROTO, ALEBTONG DISTRICT, 16/08/2010. My name is Awor Polly, born on the 17th / 02 / 1994. I an orphan aged 16, the first born in the family of eight just like the saying goes “no money, no services” The school needs money for fees but because no one can support me I am unable to continue with my education. I love to study but because of the poor family background. I hear of education and yet desire is to achieve my goals. I need to be a nurse. I will be grateful for your positive response. Yours faithfully, Awor Polly


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