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Ankit Shah's Holiday Challenge

Hey guys! I'm Ankit Shah, a student at the University of Pennsylvania. I'm originally from Long Island, which is where I am until school starts back up in mid-January. In my free time, I like to learn. It's usually not academic as much as it is experiential. I consider hanging out, watching TV, seeing movies, spending time with family, eating, creating things to be learning experiences, and I like to be as conscious of this as I can.

The reason I think a strongly founded education is important, however, is because I wouldn't be nearly as able to consider those experiences I mentioned above learning opportunities. Education, in my eyes, offers a student boundless options because it gives them perspective. It provides the ability to look at things in a new way, and without that, creativity falters. For this reason, I think spreading education to worlds around us and to people who really don't have the resources to get it themselves is so key. The potential students that Givology assists have totally different life experiences from everyone else in the world that is granted with an education, but we can't learn from those individuals unless they're able to properly convey their own thoughts and ideas. That's why they need what Givology offers, and that's why we need to help them get it.

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