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Snow is in order to be likely on st.Patrick's day, but whether it does much getting remains a tricky call.

Here's what forecasters are saying about the event, required to start late sunday and last into monday:

The nation's weather service's baltimore/washington office isn't yet suggesting any possible accumulation totals, but suggests cold air most likely move in overnight turning a mix of rain [b][url=]thelightroom[/url][/b] and sleet into snow.

The next wind storm service's weather prediction center in college park suggests a.

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Forecasters expect a major snowstorm monday on top of a coating of ice that begins late sunday, but uncertainty remains on just where the most heavy snowfall might track.

For you personally forecasters are predicting:

The national weather service expects moisture from the west coast of florida to approach the area from the west as cold air moves in, bringing the [b][url=]Ralph Lauren Womens[/url][/b] most heavy swath of snow in an area from west to east, out of petersburg, watts.Veterans administration, in annapolis, with Up to a foot of pile-Up.Some of.

Meteorologists remain mixed on their intutions for a potentially icy and snowy storm sunday and monday, but expect forecasts to clear up as the machine begins to move across the northwest on friday.

Can do for you forecasters are saying:

The nation's weather service's baltimore/washington forecast office suggest the march saying [b][url=]Great Deals On Polo Shirts[/url][/b] of"In as the lion"May be most advisable this year, though they aren't offering confidence in how much precipitation might fall.Models are hinting that a low pressure system.

Forecasts suggest a mixture of snow, sleet and rain from sunday mid-Day through monday in the baltimore area.

Meteorologists expect a low pressure system to form and pass over the spot monday, moving some messy precipitation ahead of it and likely snow behind it, according the nation's weather service.

Forecasters predict the variety of rain and sleet sunday night, with conditions in the lower to mid 30s.Precipitation was expected to shift to rain with temperature climbing into the lower 40s monday.

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