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'This is with regard to Birds' Recap Episode 11

On this week episode of runway heidi tells the six remaining designers that they'll have to spread their wings and take flight.No wonder everyone is worried that they'll have to create [b][url=]Claimex Bags[/url][/b] an outfit for sky diving.But this wasn possible.

Tim records them and in a room with four birds:The latest rtheirven, some owl, [b][url=]Michael Kors Bags UK[/url][/b] one cockatoo, and an amazon bird.The designers are paired up and told that they need to design a high fashion runway look inspired by the bird that assigned to each team.The winner of this dispute will receive $20, 000 from l london.Pretty good!

Anya and lauren hold the raven;Joshua and bert offer the amazon parrot;And kimberly and viktor are designated the cockatoo.But here the ignore;They aren competing with the other teams but against each other.One person on the team will be on the top and the other will be at the base.

They get 30 minutes to sketch and then off to mood with a $300 budget.

Back at parsons they activate when suddenly in walks tim.Never a high-Quality sign.He gathers the designers and tells them that they must create a second creation.Groans by any individual.They given 30 moments to sketch and back to mood with $300.

Soon the day ends and no one has finished [b][url=]Claimex Bags[/url][/b] their first design not to mention start the second one.

The next day kimberly starts to run into a large amount of problems.She finds stains on her fabric and has in order to clean it.Which, mistakenly, viktor burned a hole in their second dress.She ends up in tears and goes to the women room to calm down.

When she gets back into the workroom she pulls herself together and begins to make another dress but she only has three hours left.

But here relates tim again.Designers on runway grown to be afraid of tim sudden appearances.Twist number 3 the designers have to choose one among their designs for the runway show.Groans rear.

The show is getting ready to start.Tonite [b][url=]Michael Kors Outlet UK[/url][/b] judges are heidi klum, michael kors, nina garcia, and guest expert francisco costa.

Everyone gets to see the designs and viewers find out who in each group will be on the top and who will be at the base.Anya has benefit score and laura has the low score;Joshua is on the top and bert is at the base;So you can kimberly shock, she on top and viktor has a score below what hers.

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