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Angelica is 16-years-old. She lives with her parents and 3 siblings in a cinderblock house, with a cement floor, in a town called Las Canoas Bajas¬ (outside of San Andres in Guatemala). Neither of her parents had the opportunity to attend school past the 1st grade. Her father works as a day laborer to support the family and her mother manages the household.

Last January, with the help of Starfish, Angelica enrolled at the Panajachel Colegio Internacional - a private, bilingual, secondary school. She is a Freshman this year and, after only 8 months of intensive English classes, has been able to start taking her core classes in English. Her English teacher, John, says, “Angelica is quieter. She’s very careful and systematic with her learning. She is very alert to what's important, and always asks when she needs help. Her grammar and writing are very good.” An education like the one Angelica is receiving at PCI opens up a whole world of possibilities. She will be able to study whatever, and wherever, she wants after graduating. She will have opportunity to pursue the profession, and future, of her choice.


  • October 2015 Update

    Thank you for supporting Angelicas scholarship to attend Panajachel Colegio Internacional! Angelica, 17, is currently in her sophomore year of high school at PCI, where she excels in every subject. She lives in the rural community of Las Canoas Altas in the district of Solola, Guatemala, with her parents and three siblings. Angelica is the first person in her family to attend high school and the first in her community to attend an international school on a full ride scholarship. In June 2018, Angelica will become the first in her family to graduate from high school. After graduation, she hopes to attend university and eventually become a psychologist. Angelica loves studying English and frequently supports Starfish by translating for visitors, particularly during home visits with other Starfish Girl Pioneers. Angelicas family is very supportive of her education and proud of her determination to reach her dreams! [img]/images/user/14438_858507062354093690.png[/img] Angelica, pictur...
  • A New Update from Angelica!

    Below is an update from Starfish, our partner in Guatemala! This update is a letter from Angelica, a Starfish Girl Pioneer who is just starting her second semester at the bilingual school she attends, where all classes are given in English. Angelica is excited to tell us why reading matters to her.