AMCAV is a grassroots, local Congolese organization founded in 1999 providing services mostly to women who have experienced sexual violence but also the disadvantaged, “vulnerable” population (including the disabled, widows, orphans, and those living with a serious illness), along with the children of these groups.

Since at least the 1996 wars involving Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), rape has been used as a weapon of war. South Kivu and particularly the Ruzizi Plain—location of this project—is a gateway into the country from neighboring Burundi. Even with war subsided in this area, inter-ethnic conflicts and instabilities remain—and so does the now-common practice of sexual violence.

AMCAV provides counseling, social reintegration, and income-generating activities for the targeted women. It is not uncommon for a husband to disown his wife after a rape. He may pay modest tuition fees for his birth children but not for a child born of rape. The child must remain at home in a stigmatized state.

In 2011, teaming up with Annette Scarpitta as part of a 7th-grade initiative, AMCAV began its first project to lift up disadvantaged children (mostly those born of rape) to attend school for the first time and to acclimate them with the rest of the schoolchildren, whose parents can afford to pay school fees. This has been done with great success, but we need donations like yours for the project to continue.


  • A video from a students mother

    In a heartfelt video, a mother of a student at one of the schools Givology is helping to support explains the magnitude of appreciation she feels for those who have helped support the students' educations financially. She describes life during the roofing crisis--as a result of the roof of the school building collapsing--and the hope she has that withstanding issues with the school's infrastructure will be improved in the future. To view the video, [url=]click here[/url].
  • Our Progress Report!

    AMCAV has made great strides over the past year, in part due to the donations they have received from Givology. They have documented the statistics in the form of their report which can be seen below. The english translation follows the French. [img]/images/user/6334_1211762705831876556.jpg[/img] AMCAV asbl ASSOCIATION DES MAMANS CHRETIENNES POUR L’ASSISTANCE AUX VULNERABLES Siège Social : UVIRA, Q.KIMANGA, Av. DES PIONNIERS, N°03 Tél. : +243 994190083, + 243 813183374 E-mail : RAPPORT TRIMESTRIEL SUR LA SITUATION DES ENFANTS APPUYES PAR GLOBALGIVING ET CEDAR LANE CHURCH DANS LA PLAINE DE LA RUZIZI Période : de Septembre - Décembre 2014 Introduction : Le projet de Soutien à la scolarisation des enfants vulnérables en République Démocratique du Congo, en Territoire d’Uvira situé à 128 km de la Ville de Bukavu et de la plaine de la Ruzizi respectivement dans trois écoles à savoir le Groupe scolaire Elimu Bora de Kiliba, l’E.P Vijana d...

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