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I am finished with school - How do I find a job?

When you first leave school or graduate from university, you'll undoubtedly want to find the right job as quickly as possible. But finally finding that job is not as easy as it looks. It is rather difficult for a young guy or girl just leaving College or University to find a good placement, especially in today’s job climate. So what do you do to ensure that you put your educational training to good use and get that dream job you always wanted?
First thing is to get your CV right! Your curriculum vitae are seen as your job letter for success, so it is imperative that it makes a tremendous impression on your new boss. A good CV is made to outline your qualification, your impressive skills and your experience while at the same time show off your personality. Some job seeker tailors their CV each time they apply for a new job. So before you do anything you need to look at the job spec. Are they looking for a good communicator, are they searching for somebody that can multitask or are they just looking for somebody that knows a bit about everything. Use this information to tailor your CV to fit the job specs, add those skills to the skills section of your CV.
So as you get started you first have to put together your curriculum vitae and then read it with a critical eye, so you are able to see where you need to make improvements. Do you have enough experience, if not make sure that the experience you do have, shows your wide variety of skills. Also mention that you are a quick learner. Make sure you don’t have some kind of gap in your education timeline. Even if you took a year off, use this to your advantage, you may have been working behind a bar or waitressing. All this counts to show you have had some working experience.
Work experience is where it counts As all new job seeker would know, experience in previous jobs is essential if you are looking for a job. Employers are always on the lookout for people that have had relevant experience. They normally first look at the job seekers qualifications and then they checkout their working experience. So if you have had no relevant job experience you need to start calling around to local companies and see if they are able to take you on for a month or two for an internship. We can tell you now, that you will be knocked back a couple of times but do mention to them that you are just out of college or University, you will basically work for free and all you need in return is a good reference. Most employers will jump at the opportunity to get somebody to “work for free” for a couple of months.

Get ready for the interview Before you go to the job interview, you need to make yourself presentable, so get that haircut, remove any stubble and cover up those tattoos and strange piercings. You need to look the part, first impression really do count in today’s job market, so dress the part. We advise that you invest some money in formal wear so that you are able to look smart and respectable.
Get that job So you have secured yourself the job interview. Do not think the job is done. You are not done as yet. Now you need to get ready for the big day. First thing you need to do is look again at the job spec and then research the company you want work at. Prepare yourself for any questions and prepare questions yourself which you can ask them. Most employers like to explain how the company works, so ask them questions about when you will start in the morning, who will supervise you etc.
Do not give up Every person I know has gone to a job interview and thought it went well and then got rejected. Do not feel disheartened when you get rejected. The main things is the ask questions afterwards, why did they not go with you. By asking questions you get valuable experience for your next interview which is waiting for you just around the corner.
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