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Home Warranty 101 and the Basics of How to Get One

California is the most populous state in the U.S. This sees many homes bought and sold each year. A home warranty provides peace of mind for both sellers and buyers of homes. The last thing a home buyer wants is anything broken or damaged in the new home. Breakages and malfunctions can cause a lot of stress to the new owner and that’s why a home or appliance warranty is important.
It is advisable for you to get a home warranty if you are a first-time buyer with no experience of maintaining a home.
[b]Who pays for the home warranty? [/b]
Both the seller and the buyer pay for the home warranty plan. Most sellers use this advantage to get buyers quickly because the welfare of the home is catered for. A wise buyer will also opt to have a home warranty as it keeps the home secure and lowers the cost of maintenance. A first-time buyer with no experience in maintaininga home is advised to get a home warranty to help keep the home and the appliances well maintained.
[b]How does a home warranty work?[/b]
A [url=]California home warranty[/url], for example, provides specific types of coverage. Most do operate in a similar manner.
· When a home appliance or system stops working or breaks down, the homeowner contacts the home warranty or home appliance company.
· On understanding the nature of the damage or breakage,the home warranty or appliance warranty company contacts the technical company which is responsible for carrying out repairs or replacements.
· The technicians call the homeowner to make an appointment to carry out the repairs or replacements.
· The technicians do the repairs. If the appliances or systems cannot be repaired, then depending on the contract that covers the home or appliance warranty, the home warranty company may replace the appliance.
· The homeowner then pays the service fee that is usually less than $100.
[b]What happens when the home warranty company denies the claim?[/b]
It is not rare to see a home warranty or an appliance warranty company deny a claim. If that happens, you are left on your own to handle your damages or breakages. It is important to call your real estate agent in such a case and complain. Your estate agent should be in a better position to talk to your home warranty company and find a solution.
Never settle for a no answer from a home or appliance warranty company. Ensure that you follow it up with your estate agent. Your agent is always able to leverage it.
[b]What is never covered by a home warranty?[/b]
· Outdoor items like sprinklers
· Items broken prior to buying the contract
· Spa and pool unless specifically included
· Faucet repairs are not covered by any plan
· Permit fees
· Any exclusion noted in the policy
[b]What can cause a denial of payment? [/b]
Sometimes the home or appliance warranty company is right to refuse to repair or replace any damages or breakages. This is because what is damaged or broken may not be covered in the contract. Below are some situations that are not covered.
· Any appliance or system that has faced improper maintenance
· Unusual wear or tear
· Improperly installed appliances or systems
· Code violations
· Pre-existing conditions disclosed in a home inspection


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