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I love bright colors. Colors speak a lot about who I am within; a principled, social and simple person who loves fashion and design. Fashion is an expression of the beauty underneath our scars. I intend to use fashion to celebrate heritage and culture. Young girls in my community are traumatized and abused, stripped of their dignity as a woman. Many times, women cry, I have seen them cry and I have cried too. The pain of growing up in a culture that attaches no respect to a woman has haunted me all my life. In as much as I would like to change the status quo, I had never figured out how best I can transform my community, or maybe I was just afraid to take the step. My decision to join the Social Entrepreneurship and leadership Course is inspired by the urge to lead the course of empowerment for all in my community. I care about the orphaned and those affected by HIV/AIDS.


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