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Hannah Junior is fifteen and lives with her mother and her three siblings. Unfortunately, Hannah’s father passed away before she and her twin sister were born. Even amidst these struggles at home, Hannah is a brilliant student. Hannah’s teachers at her middle school have recommended her for sponsorship because she and her sister face many problems in funding their academics. Her mother struggles to assist all of her children necessities for school because she is a single mother with a very small income. Because of Hannah’s desperate financial situation, she only has one old school uniform and is unable to find the funds to funds to purchase necessary school supplies which would help her excel in her studies.


  • Update from Hannah Jr.

    School: Bankoman Senior High School Current level in school: form 1 Course of study: General Arts Future career: Hannah Junior wants to be a teacher in the near to help her community schools What Hannah Junior said: “I’m at this stage in education because of this scholarship and I’m working hard to retain my scholarship so that my dream of becoming a teacher will become a reality. I have come to realize that without education you can’t achieve your aims in life so my youth should know this and take their schooling very seriously. The problems the students in Bankoman face is lack of basic school materials like science lab tools and books. May God bless all the sponsors for helping me to become a teacher in the future. Amen.” Report: Hannah’s report is not ready since her school has not yet provided it.


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