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Typed letter update from Akidi

15TH / 08 / 2010.

Dear sponsorer,
My name is Akidi Harriet, born on the 05th / 05 / 1996, to Mr. Moto and Madlena Moto respectively. We are 11 in our family with me in the 2nd positin in the line of birth. I have both parents but because we are very many, they can not provide for all of us equally. Sometimes I lack Scholastic materials just for the reason mentioned above and it becomes worse when the climate changes badly since they depend on Agriculture. I am in senior one this year 2010 and wish to become an accountant.

I therefore appeal to anybody / donor to support financially for my dreams to come true.

I will be glad to receive your grants in aid.

Yours faithfully,
Akidi Harriet.

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