An Egg Every Day 's Blog

An update on the An Egg A Day Program from Feb 2011

Many students in RCEF’s programs in rural China eat all their meals at school. Their parents have migrated to cities to find work leaving their children behind to board at village school. The meals at school contain very little protein. In response, generous Givology donors provided an egg for every student each morning to supplement their diets during this crucial time in their physical development. In 2010, Givology donors supported 130 rural students at Guan Ai Primary School to receive an egg a day. Thanks to the success of their efforts, we have decided to introduce the program to a new school which serves about 250 rural students!

Above: The school cooks prepare a meal. School meals in rural Chinese schools usually are not very well-balanced.

Above: Students line up for breakfast. They eat three meals a day at school.

Above: Kids are happily served eggs!

Above: Students clean up after each meal sweeping up stray egg shells and food.

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