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Honda Activa 5G Guard Kit Powder Coated price"Guard Kit Powder Coated for Honda Activa 4g protects from any side scratch on the body.Fixed with front body to protect left, right and center cover"


Honda Activa 5G Side Stand priceSide Stand for Honda Activa is one of the useful accessory which helps to park the vehicle safely.


Sana Black Foot Rest for Honda Activa[url=https://www.activaprice.com/honda-activa-4g-accessories/]activa 4g parts name with image[/url]
[li]Material: iron Chrome plating[/li][li]Color: Black[/li][li]Vehicle Compatibility: Honda Activa[/li][li]Package Contents: 1.Foot Rest 2.Bolt[/li][li]Warranty Type: Manufacturer of 7 DAYS[/li][/ul]

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