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Agyei is seventeen years old and lives with his eight siblings. Agyei is an excellent student who one day aspires to be a successful banker. Agyei’s father is handicapped due to bad health. Now, all financial and domestic responsibilities have shifted on to Agyei’s mother. Agyei’s parents are finding it extremely difficult to cater their son’s educational needs because he has to share the little resources his families has with his eight other siblings. Agyei is often dropped from school because he is unable to pay his school fees. Because of this inconsistency in school attendance, Agyei is falling behind on his academic efforts and struggles to keep up with his peers. Agyei dreams of a scholarship so that he can go to school continuously and focus on his studies rather than fears of being dropped.


  • Future Accountant

    School: Effiduase Senior High School Current school level: Form 3 Business Class Future career: George wants to be an accountant in the near future What George said: “I’m no longer worried about not being able to pay school fees, so I have the peace of mind to learn. God bless my sponsors so they can continue supporting me to become the accountant in the future. I know my last term report wasn’t good enough. I promise to work hard to get better results come the end of this term. My fellow youth should be serious with their education because it is their key to their success in life.” Report: George is a little above average in class so we have advised him to put in extra efforts in his studies
  • Update from Agyei

    Agyei is in his third year at the Senior High School hoping to complete next year. He is still working hard at his academics and hopes to improve his academic work. He is still living the Akrofoso community.