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Searching job in a new country can be a bewildering experience. Many things will be different from your past experience. Sometimes you can feel perplexed and anxious. When one gets an opportunity to live and [b]work in Canada[/b] permanently so this choice should be based on sheer and precise knowledge obtained from official sources. It helps to obtain plenty of information so that you’re better prepared for settling into work.

A work permit holder does not get certain rights relished by permanent residents so let us make things easier for you to understand better through comparisons.
· Work permit holders can stay in Canada temporarily for up to 4 years.
· Permanent residence allows an applicant to stay in Canada permanently.
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· Work permit holders are bound to work with the same employer for a certain time.
· PR visa status holder has authority to work with any employer.
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· A work permit holder and his family pay 2.5 times more school and college fees as foreign nationals.
· Whereas a Permanent residency holder and his family get an opportunity to avail free education up to grade 12 and thereafter the domestic college or university fee is 2.5 times less than the fees offered to international students.
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· Permanent residency holder and their family avail free medical health care for the lifetime.
· This benefit is not given to work permit holders.

Canada provides pension benefits to the citizens after the age of 65 apart from his pension from work. The Canadian pension is nearly between $1000 and $1500 per head. This benefit is not given to work permit holder.

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The government also provides Unemployment Insurance (UI) for 6 months to the individuals who are unable to find a new employment after leaving their last job. These benefits are only given to permanent residency holders and citizens of Canada.
PROCESS OF OBTAINING THE VISA In order to obtain a [b]Canada work permit[/b], an aspirant must have an employment offer letter from a Canadian employer which must be approved by the Canadian Government’s Human resource department. It is not the easy task to secure the job offer from Canada while an applicant is sitting in India. Moreover, it is not feasible to get that job offer ratified by the government of Canada if your employer is not able to indicate that there is a dearth of skilled workers in that region.

In order to get [b]Canada Permanent Residency[/b], an applicant doesn’t require any job offer, if his expertise falls in the list of “occupations in demand”. Every year, then you can lodge an application; the Canadian Immigration department issues the list of occupations in demand under Federal Skilled Worker program and under Federal Skilled Trade Program.

[b]PROCEDURE[/b] The process of acquiring a work permit is very extortionate and more complicated than the procedure of obtaining a Permanent resident status and the benefits of a work permit are very little in comparison to permanent residence.
Processing time
Processing time for the work permit is generally 6 months
Processing time for Permanent residency application is generally a year.


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