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Plaques and Medals Go A very Long Way In Boosting Better Performances

The common approach of celebrating success is awarding the winners with plaques and trophies. Awards are one amazing way of acknowledging the dedication and commitment level of an individual. Who does not like public appreciation of their accomplishment and reaffirm that they will perform even better in the future. Those who have lost out strive harder to share the platform with the victors the next time. Plaques and awards go a very long way in encouraging superior performances. War heroes are adorned with medals, winners are honored with trophies and super achievers are seen as role models.
The technique of collecting award [url=]plaques[/url] goes back to the ancient times when the cavemen hunted down animals and then kept their skin, heads, horns and fur as trophies. The larger the number, the greater was the power of an individual. As a matter of fact, in Greek civilization, the helmets of the vanquished were kept as trophies. The word ‘trophy’ is derived from a Greek term ‘tropian’ and the verb ‘trope’ which means to rout. Such award plaques gradually signify acknowledgment of achievements in different fields such as war, sports, and even arts.
Companies frequently award their employees with award plaques for their commendable contributions that help the organization grow. In addition to the custom plaques, trophies and awards also come in the form of shadow boxes and frames. Award plaques are extremely popular among teachers and students community as well. Students receive trophies, medals, and awards for their excellence in studies, sports and other extracurricular activities like story writing, singing, debates and much more.
The happiness and pride could be hardly concealed by a student who has won a medal or trophy. Corporate employees also receive plaques and awards for their outstanding contributions, higher productivity, leadership traits, exceptional services and mainlining high safety standards.
Award plaques are not very costly. This, however, does not mean that they are of poor quality. If this would have been the case, an Olympic gold medal would not have been worthy of just a few hundred dollars, as it is made up of silver and contains only 6 grams of gold.
Do sportsmen and athletes compete for 6 grams of gold only? Obviously not! They know what value these awards and trophies hold for their career. Competitors also strive hard to win recognition. Eventually, once they have won and are standing on the victory stand while the trophies and medals are being presented to them, the entire world recognizes them, which certainly is a proud moment!

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