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What Is The E-Juice Main Ingredients

The flavour of your E-Juice for your vape is quite essential when it comes to enjoying your vaping experience. And there are lots to choose from.To begin with, if you are new to Electronic cigarettes you should be aware of the main ingredients of E-juice or sometimes are also called E-Liquids.
First off, the Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol (or sometimes a combination of the 2) which you would usually see as VG or PG. They are odorless liquids and produce vapors when heated, which allow them to be inhaled. Both have different consistencies and tastes, as mentioned above, both can be combined though the ratio can vary. PG is thinner in viscosity and more neutral in flavour unlike VG which is the juices flavour carrier.
[b]What Level?[/b]
It is totally up to your preference, but here are some guidelines with the ratio to pick. Factors to consider are Throat Hit, youd prefer a high PG Vape, the Smoothness which high VG fluid tends to give more of rather than PG, Cloudchasing which is a bit of a trend nowadays for capers, which simply involves exhaling dense clouds of vapor, the thicker the better for most, if this is what appeals to you, then high VG is recommended. Another factor to consider would be Stealth Vaping, less vapor that is exhaled is the work of a high PG, especially in public.
Second main ingredient would be the Nicotine, which you do not have much to worry about because the advantage of vaping rather than regular tobacco smoking is that the nicotine dosage level can be adjusted to low level and even a nicotine free [url=]ELiquid[/url].(For DIYs, it is totally up to your nicotine level preference, lowering the level will eventually have you accomplished at less craving for your smoking habit)
In addition to that, DIY E-Juice is actually easy-to-do knowing the key contents of the liquid, this way you can have it customized to your preference, plus it is very cost-effective.
Lastly would be the flavorings which offers your enjoyment and feel with your vaping experience. Choosing the wrong flavour as a starter could totally set off one, but then again, since theres a lot to choose from, it is a definite you would have different favorites. The flavors vary, the skys the limit. Choose from sweet, to bitter, to the traditional tobacco taste, minty, you name it.

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