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Scope And Limitations Of Taobaotrends

This article is wholly dedicated to informing the readers about what to expect and not to expect from Taobaotrends. This article will also contain explanations for some scopes/limitations.
[b]The Scope[/b]
To be a promising [url=][font="Verdana","sans-serif"]taobao agent[/font][/url], they must offer various services that would make peoples live convenient. Therefore, Taobaotrends has provided the scope of their services and here are the following:
First, Taobaotrends will help you efficiently source your product in China. Second, based from the instructions you have given in your order, they will communicate to the seller in order to check its availability and specifications. Third, taking advantage of technology, they will send you the vital information to your email. Fourth, they will be taking quality pictures of the items you ordered to make sure that you feel secure with the purchase. Fifth, and possibly the most important one, they will check for defects. If there is, they will not continue with the transaction in the spirit of good customer service! Sixth, if the items are from different sellers, Taobaotrends will consolidate them for you so it could be shipped only once. Lastly, they will do all the re-packing for you to further assure you of its security.
[b]The Limitations[/b]
While it may seem like taobaotrends can offer a wide spectrum of services for their stakeholders, limitations must still be considered for the good of not only the business, but also of other 3rd parties that may be involved. So without further ado, here are the limitations that taobaotrends imposes:
First are goods and properties that are protected under the Intellectual Property Law, unless of course it was authorized with a valid Certification of Authorization. This was imposed in order to protect the person/s who have registered their invention/product under the law. Second, firearms and explosives, hazardous chemicals, medical waste poisons and other goods containing liquid. This needs no explanation whatsoever. Third, cash and other monetary equivalents that can be liquidated. Fourth, vices such as pornographic materials, alcohol, and cigarettes. Fifth, Animals, plants, human body parts and other biological samples. This was imposed to be consistent with animal rights laws and also for the safety reasons. Sixth, luxurious or precious items and gadgets or audiovisual products for interest of protecting them. Seventh, goods that are considered illegal in origin, such as drugs. And Eighth, good that are prohibited my shipping carriers and airlines.


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