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How to Get Your Backyard in Style

For most people, owning a house with a yard and a white picket fence is already living the American dream. Yet, most of those who can afford this kind of luxury can’t even decide what to do with their backyard. Since landscaping is expensive, people resort to either DYI-ing their yards or just leaving that open space looking sad and desolate.
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Since backyards are also a part of your home, it doesn’t do it justice to leave it as it is while the interior of your house is looking chic. Here are some tips you can use in getting a beautiful yard that your neighbors can be jealous of.
Maximize your space
As said above, not everyone is blessed to be able to afford an extra outdoor space like yours. Create a modern outdoor space from that bare yard by putting your choice of plants and furniture. Some designers will even treat backyards like an extension of the indoor space. The wonderful mesh of nature and home comfort can make your space look bigger than it really is.
Get the right furniture
The furniture you choose really depends on what you think the function of your backyard should be. If you are going to use it for outdoor parties and barbecues, might as well put a stone fire pit and a beer cooler on your patio. If you are planning to use it as an extension of your living or dining room, a couch or a dining table with chairs are in order.
Whatever you do, always choose a furniture that won’t occupy too much space that your backyard will look like you are doing a garage sale rather than getting it styled.
Put some greenery
The benefit of having an outdoor space is the fact that you can add some plants to make your surroundings more lively (and fragrant if you choose flowering plants). An outdoor space brings you closer to Mother Nature so it won’t make sense if you don’t take advantage of it by planting some shrubs.
The green color makes the backyard more alive as opposed to the desert-like plant-less yard. If you are not willing to get your hands dirty with planting, try buying potted plants that you can style and move around as you pleased. With potted plants, you can even easily see what plant/flower combinations work with your furniture.
With a little creativity, you can transform your backyard into an oasis suitable for your needs.

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