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DIY Wet Or Dry Filters: How To Build Them?

In this article, DIY Wet/Dry Filter, the method of building the wet/dry filter in an aquarium sump has been explained. Before beginning the process of building the filter one must intelligently measure where the component has to be fit in i.e. one must be well aware of the dimensions of the sump.
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What should you know about it?
Before building it we must know what it is used for. Water passes through the siphon and lands over the surface of the wet/dry filter and then passes through any of the large number of holes of the drip tray and enters the filtration system. The water then continues its flow from the sump until returns to the tank via a return pump. This process helps in building a very strong filter in a tank.
The material that you would require includes 2 plastic dividers, Drill, filter media, a straight ruler, food grade silicone and an egg crate. To begin, leave some space above the top of the filter with an additional space of 1 inch and mark that line. Now measure the width of the wet dry filter. Combine a few sponges and make the wet dry filter long if required. After this measure the bottom of the wet dry filter. The wet dry filter should be submerged in water to prevent the noise that would be created due to water dripping. Mark the width at the left, water pooling level at the top side and the sump water level at the bottom.
Now place the sump somewhere so that it can be allowed to sit for atleast 2 to 7 days. Silicone must be used for its curing. The silicone should be used very generously so that a good strength could be made assured of. Depending upon the size of the month this might take a month also to be cared in case of huge tank. Application of silicone should be done slowly and carefully. Make sure that there are no air bubbles or gaps left while doing this. The plastic tray which has to serve as the drip tray has to be drilled now. Make the use of ruler, marker and drill to create a grid of holes uniformly on the lid. Use the egg crate to make the base of the filter media. Cut it using scissors to fit the size of the base. Head back the sump with base of filter and squeeze it into the place under the divider. Silicone the outer rim and leave for drying. You may or may not seal the top layer. Wait for the silicone to dry then rinse the sump and put it in the desired location.


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