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Top Foods That Boost Energy

Some people who are trying to lose weight have problems finding the best sources of energy because they want to avoid eating meat-based foods where one can instantly get all the energy he or she needs. They end up either breaking their diet or depending on power drinks that are filled with substances that can actually do more harm to the [url=,,20668027,00.html]health[/url] than good.
These days though, some experts are already suggesting energy greens supplement powder to add to their smoothies or shakes when working out to give them that extra charge. A lot of [url=]super greens powder[/url] are extracts of different kinds of plants that give healthier energy than meat and other sources. To make it more effective, nutritionists recommend adding the following [url=]natural remedies[/url] or food that can help regain energy.
[b]Sweet Potatoes [/b]
Sweet potatoes are filled with different vitamins and minerals that are good for the immune system and the digestive system as it also contains lots of dietary fibers. These tubers are one of the most preferred energy sources by many because of the starchy carbs that they provide to the body. These carbs and other nutrients found in sweet potatoes help in the repair or rebuild of muscles, especially after a good workout. They are not easily broken down and so they provide longer energy to the body.
[b]Kale [/b]
This vegetable is what many people call a 'powerhouse'. This is because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are needed to energize the body, such as vitamins K and C, manganese, calcium and even dietary fiber. Kale increases the stamina because of the high levels of antioxidants that increase the levels of oxygen in the blood.
[b]Oatmeal [/b]
One of the best breakfasts to have is oatmeal made of whole grains. Aside from the nutrients in oatmeal that help metabolize energy like thiamin, niacin and folate, the whole grains also have carbs that are slower to digest. The slow absorption would help the body keep the energy level high longer.
You can add almonds to your morning oatmeal or you can snack on them between meals, whichever way you want to eat them, you can gain a lot of benefits to boost your energy levels. Magnesium is a very important electrolyte in the body that helps in the function of muscles. Almonds are rich in this nutrient, as well as B vitamins that help in the conversion of food to energy.
[b]Bananas [/b]
This delicious and easy to find fruit is one of the best snacks an athlete or anyone can have. Just like the almonds, it contains a lot of B vitamins and dietary fiber that help in energy boost. Bananas are also known to be filled with potassium. Potassium is a nutrient that helps increase muscle function.
[b]Coconuts [/b]
The coconut tree is often called the tree of life. This is because every part of it has its own many advantages, including its water. The water of the coconut provides the body with electrolytes that help in replenishing the tired boy.

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