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Five Prime Places to Install Wireless Security Sensors in Your Home

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Cords have become old-fashioned now - a thing of the past. This is due to the rise of wireless technology. From laptops to vacuum cleaners, more and more wireless tech-gear is being introduced today to completely remove the hassle of cords.

Home security is no exception. Sensors no longer need to be manually hardwired into the control panel of a house. These monitoring devices are connected to a smartphone and operate over a wireless frequency. They are easily movable, adjustable, and flexible too. You don’t need professional help to alter their positions. Plus, if you attach a sophisticated [url=]Vivint alarm system[/url] to the sensors, they’ll blare a loud sound every time a break-in occurs.

So you absolutely need to get your hands on wireless home security sensors. Oh, you already have? Then the next step is finding the right places around the house to install these sensors. Don’t just think of the doors and windows, which are an obvious priority. Go for other prime places which need a cover of protection from wily burglars and underage children, like the spots mentioned below!
[b]Outdoor Storage Area[/b] Not everything can fit inside your house, and cramming stuff is so last season. What you can do instead is store the oversized objects in a shed right outside your house. Store things like sports gear, generators, and heavy toolkits, which are relatively costly and therefore the perfect targets for a burglar. The fact that they lie on the exterior of your house makes them an even better target for robbers. Prevent the outdoor burglary from happening by installing wireless security sensors around the storage area, controlling them directly from your smartphone, and getting an alert of the slightest intrusion.
[b]Home Entertainment Unit[/b] I know how much you look forward to those family movie nights, when you all get together in the movie room, which is set up with the latest 3D gear, home theater audio-visual system, the large-screen HDTV that you just bought, and the softest couches ever. It’s one of the joys of life. If you’d like to maintain that, install [url=]wireless security sensors[/url] around the equipment. Why? Because it is some pretty expensive tech-gear which can easily attract burglars to your house. You can also keep an eye on the unit to see if it is being surreptitiously used by your naughty teenage children in your absence.
[b]Wine Cabinet[/b] You know when you have those yearly get-togethers of friends and family in the house, you always end up finding your liquor cabinet empty, right? This frustrates you to the last degree, because guests take bottles out on their own, regardless of the fact that you had stored certain expensive bottles for personal use only. But when you adjust the cabinet door with a wireless security sensor, you’ll be able to find out exactly when the door’s opened and things are tampered with. Not only that - if you have children in the house, an alarmed sensor on the wine cabinet can prevent them from getting into it.
[b]Work Room[/b] If you work from home, you have a whole room devoted to the official stuff, right? It would contain expensive laptops, VOIP gear, confidential files, etc. If any of these went into the wrong hands or got stolen, the consequences could potentially destroy you. So protect your office equipment by installing wireless security sensors on the door, the file cabinets, and other areas of entry. This way, you’ll instantly know if someone’s broken in, and even be able to catch them red-handed.
[b]Firearm Place[/b] People who are safety conscious nearly always have a gun or two in the house. Why? Because of the constantly rising rate of [url=]burglaries and home invasions[/url]. Such people want to ensure that their loved ones are safe and secure at all costs. But they also know that having a gun in the house could be potentially dangerous as well. If the firearm accidentally went into the hands of the children, they might hurt themselves and others too. Plus, burglars could steal and use that very firearm against the owners. Fixating the firearm storage cabinet with wireless security sensors adds a layer of surveillance and protection so that the aforementioned disasters don’t occur.
Do not miss these five prime places when you install [url=]wireless home security sensors[/url] in your house!

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