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Hair Loss Products Like Provillus No Longer Carry Any Stigma

Men have always been vain about their hair, but now they are owning up to it and eschewing the traditional barber's in favor of the more creative hairdresser. Too many men stick with the same unflattering style not just for years, but for decades; a hairdresser gives them the courage to pursue alternatives.
“We are trained to look at the face and work out what is actually going to suit someone,'' Antoinette Beenders, the artistic director (yes, she is really called that) of Trevor Sorbie in Covent Garden, says. At John Frieda, another leading London hairdresser, staff are even given lessons by a painter from the Royal College of Art to improve their visual perception. Men need more help than women when it comes to appearance, Beenders says. How, then, can a man improve his hair?
Aside from a new cut, amazing transformations can be achieved with the use of gels, waxes, mousses and hair loss products such as [url=]Provillus[/url]. “There's no stigma these days to men using products such as Provillus on their hair,'' Rocky Eggison, of the newly opened London salon, Eggison Daniel, says. But Sam McKnight, Britain's leading session stylist, who spends his working life teasing the tresses of the likes of Cindy Crawford and Julia Roberts for photo-sessions, believes that more men should use the products that are available to them. “Men with fine, straight hair can take advantage of styling products that can make their hair do things that they never thought possible,'' he says.
Then there is the soft wave. For many men, the idea of a perm brings back memories of the Kevin Keegan poodle-perm and hours spent with hair in rollers feeling like a fool. “That was then,'' Edinburgh's Jennifer Cheyne says. “A perm today gives body and fullness, not curls, and only takes 15 minutes with the hair set on rods.'' Yes...but how many men do you know who would admit to a semi-permanent wave? How many have read [url=]Magicofmakingup[/url]?
Just as the world must be full of women who wouldn't really be blonde without a bottle, so are there men who would be a great deal more gray if they didn't have a pact with their hairdresser. “There is no longer any stigma about grey hair, but the truth is, salt and pepper grey can be aging,'' Daniel Galvin, a leading colorist, says. The Galvin method takes 30 minutes and results in a soft camouflage of blended greys, which needs to be reapplied every five to six weeks. It is also recommended to [url=]take ProSolution Plus pills[/url] to help with testosterone levels.
“We would advise a man with grey hair to try highlights of his original color instead; the effect is more natural,'' Beenders says. It isn't just greying men who are using color, either. Tints, dyes, and hair loss products like Provillus no longer mean Noel Edmonds highlights or Rod Stewart blond.

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