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A Store to Sell your Diamonds To

As much as you don’t want to let go of them due to several reasons, especially for their sentimental value, diamonds are nevertheless worth a lot of money and can be sold. It’s not to say that you should be selling your diamonds but this is to tell you that one may have to be careful in choosing what store they should sell; because different stores offer different prices. Letting go of your precious possessions should be compensated with a lot of returns, and that is where good diamond buyers come in.
If you don’t like your local stores because they may be incompetent with their pricing or they may be shady, among other reasons, try Speedy Diamond.
[b]Speedy Diamond[/b]
The diamond-buying branch of Windsor Jewelers; one of America’s biggest independent jewelry stores, Speedy Diamond is not one of those stores controlled by some big corporate bodies. Rather, you can think of the store as a family business that cares more about you and your gems instead of just getting more out of your diamonds; being a retail store.
[b]The perks of dealing with Speedy Diamond[/b]
Speedy Diamond is based in Augusta, Georgia and has been so since 1975. Describing itself as a mom-and-pop store, there are strong chances that when you call the store, you’ll be able to get in touch with a family member of the owner; which should help in building a personal connection between you and the store. That in turn would help build the level of trust that you have with the store. Speedy Diamond believes that it is trust that runs a business like theirs, and being able to communicate with the people that are close to the proprietors is one thing that Speedy Diamonds prides itself in being able to do so.
The good thing about selling your diamonds to a retailer like Speedy Diamond is that it bypasses the usually big wholesalers; if you sell to a wholesaler, they’ll still end up selling your gems to a retailer and the result is that the retailer would be forced to sell at a higher price to compensate. Selling your diamonds to Speedy Diamond, therefore, ultimately helps other people out there get their own diamond pieces and other precious gems at a cheaper rate.
When getting your quote from Speedy Diamond, [url=]they will appraise the ring and diamond[/url], which is helpful since they’ll be willing to pay for the stone as well as the ring, or the wedding band; whichever is the case. They will also buy any side stones on the ring and will pay for the tiniest bits of diamonds that may be inset on your ring, which should ensure that you get the best out of letting go of your ring.
Speedy Diamond knows that letting go of your precious diamond pieces may be hard, but choosing a place for you to sell them to doesn’t have to be. In selling them your diamonds, note that you’ll be helping a family business grow as well; what is a more comforting idea than American families helping each other out? If you have a diamond to sell, be sure to get in touch with Speedy Diamonds today!

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