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What Makes Speedy Diamond Unique?

No person who would wish to sell something they treasure like a diamond engagement ring. However, there are specific situations that would make you decide to sacrifice one of your precious and most valuable items. One of them is could be when the family experiences financial troubles.
The value of an engagement ring or any jewelry depends on the stone it has. Moreover, gold and other precious stones also add value to the ring. Thus, selling your engagement would be one of the right decisions to solve your financial problems.
But take note; be careful in selecting a place where to sell your ring. Make sure it is 100% legally authorized to operate. And, choose a jewelry store that is worth trusting.
One of the leading jewelry stores that you can rely on is Speedy Diamond.
[b]Who is Speedy Diamond?[/b]
The Speedy Diamond is a jewelry buying branch and retailer who sells and buys diamonds. This store was founded in Augusta, Georgia in 1975. It is composed of individuals who are experts in this industry. They have a team of GIA certified Gemologists who examine your diamond ring to assure that you earn the right value you deserve.
The excellent reputation and history of this store is the reason why it became a national leader in the jewelry industry. You can check the Speedy Diamond official [url=]website[/url] to find out more info about the store’s portfolio and background on this market.
[b]What Makes Speedy Diamond Unique?[/b]
For sure you are probably wondering why you have to choose Speed Diamond when there are other options available.
There are several reasons why Speedy Diamond is worth your time and effort. Here it is.
[b]#1 Fast Services[/b]
The Speedy Diamond services only take a day or two. When you accept the store’s initial offer, then you’ll have to send the ring to Speedy Diamond. With the help of GIA certified Gemologists, the store would assess your ring overnight. Their team will inform you the result immediately including the final offer of the ring.
Once you choose to accept the offer, Speedy Diamond will send you the payment effectively within five hours after the confirmation. You can get your money via bank transfer or other methods of payment you requested. To find out additional details regarding Speedy Diamond’s shipping and payment terms, [url=]click here[/url].
[b]#2 Pays Side Stones and Gold[/b]
If your ring has side stones or if it is made of gold, Speedy Diamond would give you additional payment depending on the Gemologist’s assessment. With this, you can get earn more from your ring and receive the correct value of your jewelry.
[b]#3 Free Ring Replacements[/b]
The Speedy Diamond offers CZ stone replacement for your ring. This faux diamond looks genuine that your family or friends wouldn’t notice the change. And the bonus is, this ring replacement is free of charge.
[b]Final Thoughts[/b]
Selling a diamond ring can help to alleviate your financial problems. Moreover, you [url=]can donate the money to charity[/url] if you’ve earned a bigger value.
But always remember this; only choose a successful jewelry store to assure your ring is on the right hands. Do not make hasty decisions or else you might regret it at the end.

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