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Diamond selling tips and tricks

Are you in a bad financial situation and the only thing you can think of is to sell your engagement ring? If you have a diamond ring, then it might be worth a lot of money, depending on the diamond’s characteristics. A rare diamond can be worth much more than you can imagine, reaching even 6 figures. If you and your husband both agree on the fact that you should at least gather some [url=]additional information[/url] on selling the diamond, we can help you. I also chose to sell my James Allen ring while in a difficult financial situation and I am still pleased with the choice. Now, the first thing that you should know about the sale process is that there is no [url=]standard for diamond[/url] selling. There are a few options that you can choose from and we would like to present two of the most popular ones: auction house selling and a direct sale to a retail store.
A lot of people tend to turn their attention to an auction house and ignore all the other options available. This is a big mistake as we actually think that a retail store is a much better choice. How is it a retail store a better choice compared to an auction house? First of all, the retail store offers a quick quote, while it is going to take days, even weeks for the auction house to have the time needed for presenting you with a quote. Second of all, while both will calculate the correct market value of the ring, the retail store directly tells you how much they can offer against the true market value of the ring; the auction house will just present you some numbers and they don’t mention that they never subtract 15-20% of that price for seller fees. The retail store is honest enough to tell you that they need to earn something from selling your ring, which is why they can only offer a specific percentage out of the market value of the ring. However, it is important for you to understand that the retail store probably subtracts about 5-10% of the market value, compared to the 15-20% practiced by the auction house. Last but not least, the retail store won’t need more than 24 hours to pay you the money, while it can take months for you to get your money from an auction house.
Having this [url=]helpful information[/url] in mind, which do you think the best option for selling a diamond is? Do you still believe that it is a good idea to opt for the services of an auction house? I am sure that you have changed your mind, so check out retail stores in your area that buy diamond rings, discuss the terms of the sale, agree on a price and get your cash in 24 hours. Working with a retail store is, without a doubt, the best choice you can make when selling your ring, so check out the ones in your area as fast as possible.

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