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Education: Curiosity as a Catalyst

I was unsure what to expect starting my sophomore year at Emory. It was like looking in mirror of what I had seen last fall-hoards of incoming students with maps and confused parents. It was hard to expect anything from my younger peers but wake up on time, get to class, and slowly begin to integrate within the college community.

And yet over the past weeks, I have had many opportunities where I sat in a circle by the fireplace and was surprised by their keen interest in our Givology students. Unlike the apathetic class of younger students I had imagined –only fascinated with next late-night campus events or enthralled their roomie’s latest sorority gossip -I found a class who was eager to learn more about the challenges our Givology students face.

What makes our letter writing process unique from other types of giving is that it requires students to expand their horizons beyond their immediate mileau. The letter campaign has students send messages of support to Givology sponsored students in order to encourage them to do well in school. Over the past few weeks, students had the ability to marginally interact with those who were attempting to receive basic education, nevertheless that of a college one. They raised many questions during our letter campaigns such as how do students get to school? How do parents choose between one child and another’s education with insufficient funds? What materials do these students need to learn?

And little by little, the questions continued to flow. Students were curious about solving the problems of education when they felt connected with those who they were helping. Despite the fact that I cannot answer all of these questions it was such a rewarding experience to see that my peers were asking.

Below is an example of one of their letters!

To message a student online, click message me under a student’s profile.


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