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Givology Donor Spotlight: An Interview with Sarah

Sarah has been an outstanding donor at Givology and has taken the time to speak with us about her Givology experience. Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your thoughts!

What inspired you to write a letter?

I sponsored my first Givology student in December 2010 after reading the book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. The decision to sponsor a child's education was something I took very seriously, I wanted to be involved in Givology and I thought that writing a letter to my student was a good way to be involved. I was inspired to write a letter because reading the stories of the students inspired me and I hoped that my letter would help my student realise there was someone out there in the world who cared about them and wanted them to receive an education.

The stories of the students are truly inspiring and reading their letters brings so much joy to my day. I hope my letters bring as much joy to the students as their letters bring to me.

How do you choose a student to donate to?

I started off sponsoring one student and now I have donated to three students. Choosing a student is never an easy decision because I wish I could donate to all of the students. Choosing the first student was a very rewarding experience; I went through all of the students available many times - I looked at their photos and read their letters.

Eventually I chose a student in Ghana and was able to donate the full amount of funding required. When I see the photos of the students I have sponsored, it brings a smile to my face.

What kinds of questions do you ask your student?

I have written a letter to each of the students I have donated to. I like to ask the students what their favourite subjects are and how they are enjoying school. I also like to tell the students a little bit about myself. Finally I like to tell the students they can achieve anything because I really want these students to know that despite their circumstances they can change their life if they study hard.

Is there anything you would like to share with other donors about your letter writing experience?

The letter writing experience is something all donors should do. I take great joy in writing letters to the students and receiving the updates from the students is always exciting. The last student I sponsored wrote in his letter that all he needed was love. This really touched me. For some of these students, they may have lost their parents in tragic circumstances or perhaps their parents are ill. These letters can bring them some joy, hope and love.

If you'd like to make an impact on the life of a child or school through Givology, click here.


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