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Letter Campaign Update

The letter campaign has been going great! Over the course of the last month Newtown High School students have been writing letters to the students sponsored by Givology. So far there were two main letter-writing events after school. In less than 40 minutes the output of student letters was immense and we generated around 50 letters. The letters the students wrote were so sweet. With exams, multiple school meetings and the stress of maintaining the last of my senior grades, it was nice to feel like Santa -overwhelmed with letters.

A senior writes his first letter to Givology students!

It’s really amazing in five minutes what you can do. I admit that I was the last one to write letters. The room was empty, the students had left, and I was sitting there with a pen in my hand. For five minutes, I got to really think about what the students that Givology sponsors were going through. Myabe there was someone at a desk, just like me, sitting with a pen in her hand. This is the understanding that I want the other students at Newtown to have. I think it might just be happening =)

Katie and Scarlett writing letters after school

Zach writing his second letter for Givology students!

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