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Newtown High School has Givology Spirit!

Newtown High School students have Givology Spirit! The National Honor Society at Newtown High School approved its partnership with Givology today. There are 15 students in 11th and 12th grade who have started a committee to promote Givology, with over 120 members of the National Honor Society ready to help support them. I am excited to chair the committee and give Newtown students the opportunity to help people!

NHS student board introduces Givology to the honor society.

Students hear the Givology pitch!

Students rush to the table to sign up for Givology.

At first I was worried that high school students would freak out when I said, "microphilanthropy." However, as I started to explain the idea I had a captive audience of my peers who were eager to know if students in the letter campaign would write back to them or what the latest project Givology was doing. As Christmas approaches, it was nice to see everyone ready to give back. The enthusiasm for Givology was tremendous!

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