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Sample Letter to Students

Below is an example of a sample letter that can be sent to students:
Dear Mulungi,

My name is Nicole, I am a high school student in Connecticut, USA. I enjoy playing soccer and reading. I have two little brothers, Anthony, 12 years old, and Steven, 7 years old. Like you, I also enjoy social studies. Right now, I am studying government. It is a lot of fun. My teacher is very funny and encourages my class to do its best every day. I hope your classes are fun and that you enjoy learning too. Do you have a favorite book to read?

I hope this support helps you achieve your dream to become a nurse. We need more people to help others, especially those who are sick. You have the chance to make a difference in the lives of others. I know you can do anything if you work hard to do your best in school. Good luck with your studies this year!

Sincerely, Nicole
We want to show students we care and foster real connections with them by telling them about ourselves. We also want donors to enjoy the process; here is your chance to make an even bigger difference in the world by a few small differences. Happy writing!

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