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Givology Letter Campaign: A Message on Messaging

Hi All,
My name is Nicole and I have been interning with Givology since late August. The more I work with Givology, the more I notice its amazing progress: more projects, more students, more innovative thinking. Now, I am excited to have the opportunity to accelerate such amazing progress.

As many of you know, the most unique factor about Givology is that donors can directly message our students and read their updates online regularly. You can form real relationships with the students, acting as mentors and sharing stories about your life. Simply by telling a student a little about yourself, your family, or your job, you are opening their minds to new ideas and inspiring them to work hard and stay in school. A student is simply less likely to become disengaged from school and drop out if she knows that people all over the world sincerely want her to continue her education.

Our goal over the next few months is simple: one letter per child. I want each and every student on Givology to know that we care, not just as a faceless organization, but also fellow and former students.

In less than five minutes, we can give these students that support.

Underneath each student’s picture is a button that says Message Me. This allows you to send a note of encouragement to students. They can then send messages back to you. You can view these online through a students profile page simply by clicking View My Updates under their profile pictures. And, thanks to our partner organizations in the field, messages are delivered even if the student have no internet access – our partners simply print out the donor messages we forward to them and then scan and email us student responses. These responses are then posted on the website.

Below is a sample letter:
Sample Letter

I hope that these letters will be personal and show students that someone truly cares about them.

Below are student responses:
Student Letter, Yincong
Student Letter, Shangwen

These responses are truly heartfelt and reveal just how important a simple of message of “you can do it” is. I hope you will become involved and message a student as Givology kicks off its letter campaign this year!

Warm Regards,

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