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Over the course of the last few months, American college and high school students have been writing to our Givology students. I got many surprises in the mail as well! There were over forty new letters during the semester. They came from everywhere –Atlanta to Massachusetts to Texas. These letters have just started their adventure though. From these locations, they will be mailed off all across the globe. This fall semester we are sponsoring lots of new students; many of our new partner organizations are in South America, such as Starfish One by One and SkipPeru. It has been so wonderful to watch my peers write their first letters. I look forward to hearing the Givology student responses as they come in over the next semester =)

Hope the holiday season is going well for everyone! Keep writing letters =)


PS See the responses Givology students have been making on our main page
PPS Check out some student letters below =)

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