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Driveway and Traffic Mirrors - See More Clearly While Driving!

Vehicular accidents all too often occur in areas where the drivers' line of vision is obstructed - such areas may be in the driveways, road intersections, blind curves, and other roadways that are blind spots to drivers. The lack of clear visibility in such areas result in head on collisions, side impacts, or running over a person causing minor to severe injuries or even death to the people involved in the accident.
Although these road accidents are a common occurrence, they are easily preventable. One effective yet inexpensive solution to these driving blind spots is the installation of driveway and traffic mirrors and here are a few things you should know about these accident preventing and lifesaving mirrors:
[b]1. Allows up to 180 degrees vision[/b]
Round convex mirrors that are 12" to 48" in diameter are recommended for driveway and traffic mirrors as these will allow clear view of incoming traffic, in blind curves and driveways. It also allows a visual range of 15-20 feet away, effectively avoiding neighborhood driveway and head on blind curve accidents.
These mirrors are attached across the driveway at 20 feet maximum away, mounted on posts, trees, or walls for an effective blind spot coverage. If mounting surface is not readily available. You can purchase a 4x4 post at hardware stores as it is the easiest way to mount the mirror.
[b]2. Durable yet inexpensive[/b]
The price range starts at less than a hundred dollars and increases depending on the size and the material of the mirror. You can choose whether your convex mirror model can be in an acrylic or unbreakable Duramir brand. Once you've chosen between the two, you can pick from either a weather resistant treated hardboard, weatherproof ABS plastic or heavy duty galvanized backing.
[b]. [/b]Out of the three options, the most economical model choice is the weather resistant backing which also has a protection layer of poly coating on the mirror.
[b]. [/b]The ABS plastic backing model is recommended in coastal areas as it is shatterproof, has lightweight weatherproof surface that is yet extremely durable and suitable to the corrosive salt water environment.
[b]. [/b]Lastly, the galvanized steel backing model is ideal for heavy industrial and all weather conditions as it is heavier than and provides better wind resistance compared to the other two models.
If there is a chance that you need more clarification about this matter, you may visit any [url=https://www.property24.com/articles/10-essential-driveway-safety-tips/25793]helpful site[/url] like in www.nationalsafetymirror.com.
The more durable the model, the more expensive it is but buying a driveway or traffic mirror is nothing compared to the expenses to be paid when one is unfortunately involved in a vehicular accident.
[b]3. Effective accident prevention measure[/b]
Driveway and traffic mirrors provide a greater field of vision and can assist drivers and passengers in seeing through blind curves, hazards, and prevent collisions with other vehicles or running over people.
Statistics show that in the US alone, approximately 37,000 people die in road crashes annually and a staggering number of 2.35 million are injured in road accidents. And in driveways, it is estimated that 2000 children annually or 50 kids per week are involved in backing accidents. Clearly, these casualties would have been prevented if proper safety driving measures were implemented such as driveway and traffic mirrors.
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