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Convex Mirrors: How to Maximize its Use inside Your Store

Fish eye mirror, curved mirror, and diverging mirrors are a few names of a convex mirror; these types of mirrors reflect the light outwards, where it produces virtual images. Its shape allows the viewers to see a wider field compared to the ordinary flat mirror.
[b]How do the convex mirrors work?[/b]
The increase if field view that you get from using a convex mirror is due to the way the light bounces off from the mirror. Unlike ordinary mirrors where the light immediately reflects in one particular direction, the convex mirror reflects the light in several directions, allowing the viewer to see better and wider field of view.
• It provides a better view of a room, particularly in warehouses, and helps reduce accidents.
• It provides a better view of the traffic, enabling the driver to see approaching big trucks from the other side of the street.
• It provides a better view of the store, enabling the store manager to catch the shoplifter in real-time.
[b]How to maximize the use of convex mirror inside the store?[/b]
If you plan to [url=http://www.nationalsafetymirror.com/]buy one today[/url], here are a few tips to maximize the use of your convex mirror inside your store:
[b]1. Know which type of convex mirror you will be using[/b]
There are a few different types of a convex mirror that you need to [url=http://smallbiztrends.com/2017/06/improve-security-at-your-small-business.html]learn more[/url], where it includes the dome mirror, the partial dome mirror, and typical convex mirrors.
The dome mirrors are best used in large places or shops and best placed at the center of the ceiling to capture almost everyone. The partial dome, on the other hand, is best used in offices and the typical-sized shops; it is best placed at the corner of the ceiling where it can get a better view of the room and the people in it. Lastly, the typical-sized convex mirrors are best used at places with a blind spot or some busy corners; installing these types of convex mirror opposite to those places mentioned, will reduce accidents like tripping or falling.
[b]2. Installing at the center ceiling[/b]
As mentioned earlier, dome convex mirror is best placed at the center part of the ceiling of the shop; more than that, if your shop comes with several aisles with shelves that are taller than an average person, installing a dome convex mirror is the best solution to safeguard your store from thieves.
[b]3. Installing at the high corner of the shop[/b]
If your shop is small and with fewer blind spots or busy corners, partial dome convex mirror is the right mirror to install at the high corner part of the shop.
[b]4. Combination of different types of convex mirrors[/b]
There are shops that need more than one convex mirror; for instance, small shop with several blind spots need more than just installing some partial dome convex mirrors – you also need the typical-sized convex mirror. You may find a [url=http://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/start-security-guide-business]helpful site[/url] that can help you find which convex mirror is best for the shop for the purpose of security and safety.

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