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Hi Givology Team,

I'm really excited to be a part of Givology this summer as an intern. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to learn more about marketing and public relations, as well as give back to my favorite nonprofit organization. :)

I live in San Diego, California, and I am going to be a junior at Canyon Crest Academy High School. I have been president of the Raven Conspiracy for one year now. This past year, my team and I have led fundraisers, investigated ways to get the word out more, and began identifying new partnerships with schools in India. An ongoing fundraiser we have is using GoodSearch, the search engine that donates one penny per search to a non profit of your choice. Another fundraising idea we liked was holding different Restaurant Nights. We would pick a date with a certain restaurant, hand out flyers, and anyone who eats there that night will have a portion of their bill donated to Givology. My club and I are very excited to continue the Raven Conspiracy next year, maybe with a new president and definitely new members!

One question I always get: why Givology? There are so many nonprofits out there, so why did I align with Givology? Ever since I was a child, my family has been ardent supporters of donating money to charity. As I grew older, I began to understand the importance: the money would help these impoverished people by buying them fresh water, building hospitals and wells, shelter, etc.

But then I began to question this thinking. True, the money donated will really help these people, but only for the time being. But when the money runs out, what next? I figured that the only way to really improve the lives of these people long term is to provide an education. Then the children can grow up and work, and will teach their own children the importance of education.

Of course, we still need to donate for the building of hospitals and such. Givology covers both ends of the spectrum. They support fundraising for children’s education, and some money goes to supplies, furniture, transportation, etc. Basically, Givology was a nonprofit that followed exactly what I believe in, with many added benefits. My team and I love being able to pick which schools the money goes to, and receiving the constant updates. For anyone who really wants to experience the difference you’re making without even getting up from your chair, Givology is a dream come true.

Givology already has my and my club’s support, so now I’m going to focus on getting new people to join. In my summer internship, I will be focusing on increasing fan base on Facebook, and researching methods of publication and marketing. In addition to monitoring the Givology Facebook group daily, I will be getting in contact with famous bloggers who are willing to give Givology a shout out. I am so excited to begin this internship, and I hope I can give something back to Givology, as it has done so much for me.

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