• Will Financial Education Finally Be Compulsory?

    Back in February, I wrote a blog post about compulsory financial education in schools[b] , [/b]which spoke about the fact that campaigners were fighting to get education about finances put into schools, to help stop young people from getting into debt. Well, short term loans website [url=][/url] have been trying hard to get this actually into fruition. They organised an online petition to try to get changes made. The petition got to 100,000 signatures which means that under new laws it has to go to debate in the House of Commons. The petition has been looked at and they received a response. However, disappointingly the Government have responded to it by saying that although it does want young people to be taught about managing their finances, they do not want to commit to compulsory lessons. The response to Simple Payday by a representative for the Government, said that “Parents can also play a crucial role in ...