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Some Email Attacks Strategies To Be Aware Of

No wonder that technology incredible increases our ability to communicate or transact with other people. This really changed a lot of business process and everyday activities of us. Unlike before where letters are being sent in the span of days or even months, today, emails could be delivered in just a seconds. However, its rise also started a lot of threats that exist today. If became a bigger platform for scammers and other atrocious activities for people who wants to take your money. There are different strategies that they are doing that victimizes millions of people every single day. You migh had a victim before, or if not, you might be a victim tomorrow if you would stay un-informed. In order to give you some overview about this kind of attacks, here we list down some email attacks strategies that you should be aware of.
[b]Phishing Scam[/b]
Fishing is not getting a real fish (nice joke). But phishing is getting a fish of inforamtion from your email or other strategies they use that you may not be aware of. One of the strategies that they are doing is they would send a link to you, telling you that you won a lottery or something that is wierd when you didn’t take any bet on the first place. So, once you click this link, it will redirect you in a website asking for your personal information such as bank account or even paypal account. They will disguise as a log-in page so you would not be suspicious about it. Once you gave the information, say goodbye now to your money. So, the best thing to do here is NEVER ever give your pin numbers, passwords or account numbers in the internet. No exceptions!
[b] [/b][b]Online stores[/b]
Of course, there are a lot of legitimate onliune stores that you could buy your most favorite product when you got the money. Unfortunately, there are more illegitimate stores that are existing just to get your money. In fact, there are a lot of times that this fake stores as disgusting as the real one, copying a store face and almost have the same domain name. This stores tends to send fake promotional products in your email that states a very cheap price of product, you might be victimized if you are not aware. So, in order to complete your email security, try checking [url=]email verification[/url].

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