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Facts About Whales and the Threat with their Life

You might be dreaming to see a whales in real life, don’t you? Who would not be amaze about this huge fish that we see in the movies such as Pinoccho. Whales are a big part of the whole eco-system that needs to be maintained in order to keep the surrounding balance. Unfortunately, there are a lot of threats for their living that are already existing in today’s fast changing world. If humans will not make an effort to prevent their extinction, then the world will have a big lost on its ocean. That’s why it’s important to educate people about the importance of whales in our world and the threats that they are now facing.
[b]They Have Similarities with Human[/b]
Whales are mammals. A woman takes care of the baby insider her womb for nine months and provide the nutrition that that the baby needs before he/she comes out as same as the whales. The whale calves grow inside the whale’s womb for a certain period and they are also being nursed by mother whales until they learn how to live themselves. The whales might be living in water but still they breathe air like a human being. As you can see in documentaries or movies like Moby Dick, whales go up and reach the surface of the ocean to get air because they cannot breathe under water. As a matter of fact, whales drown if they stay for thirty minutes under water. In breathing, they have the blowholes in top of their heads that they use to get air above the ocean surface.
[b]The Threat to Their Life[/b]
Pollution greatly affects the lives of whales in the ocean. They are being expose to toxic pollutants that has destructive impacts in their health. Ozone depletion caused by global warming also caused UV-B radiation, even small changes results to big amount of impact in the whole eco-system. Unregulated whale watching also causes negative impact to the whales, as it could affect their natural behaviors, therefore one should make sure that their whale watching follows rules and regulations to protect the whales. However, the number one cause of whale lost is no other than commercial whaling as it makes almost all of the huge whales go into a critical level. If the catching of whales will not be regulated or stop this could lead to its extinction.
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